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Class Schedule

It’s about MORE than theatre! It’s about developing qualities every child needs to succeed! Our programs cater to students of all ages and skill level, affording them the opportunity to build their theatrical skills while discovering their own artistic voice and self confidence.


offers instruction in three phases of performance: Acting, Voice & Movement. Students receive professional level training With a major emphasis on drama, including improvisation, role playing, character development and scene study. Students are offered basic vocal training, including breath control and tone production and are instructed in creavtive stage movement and dance. With remarkable performance opportunities, students will grace the stage several times through out the year.


The study of voice is one of the most fascinating fields a student can venture into. Discovering the limitless possibilities of the vocal instrument is inspiring beyond measure.

Our program offers intensive vocal study for students interested in developing a strong vocal technique with emphasis on breath control, tone production, vowel formation, song interpretation and presentation. Voice lessons also include basic elements of music theory including sight reading and ear training. Styles of music include a broad range of musical theatre, classical and contemporary music. Voice students are given the opportunity to perform in one or more public performances.




A popular form of dance which covers a broad range of styles. Students will work on acquiring a solid technique including isolation, extension, balance, jumps, turns and footwork. 



Traditional technique & terminology are the backbone of this class. Students will study rhythm, style, percussive sound and movement.



Piano lessons are offered to students of all ages and ability. Beginning with finger technique, major and minor scales, chord construction and progression. Rhythm work and theory also play a large role in these lessons. Students will learn music from both classical and contemporary repetoire.

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